Terminal Delusion

The theme

Eighty years ago, sinister plans were set in motion, and terrible events predicted. Of course, that's none of your business. You just want to quit your pointless job and get a life. But suddenly, your job gets much more, er... interesting. Your CV will make a great read, if you ever live to write one.

The Project

An RPG, to be developed in Python. It's going to take quite a while, in fact there is no target release date. In the meantime, a lot of code and music and artwork will be released in case it's useful to anyone else.

In a way, the supporting code, music and artwork is the whole point of this project, since most RPGs have a limited replay value. I hope that successive games improve and build on the work started here, of course.

The code is all GPL (v3 or later), but note that I don't consider importing the library unchanged to be "linking", so it doesn't impose any restrictions on the license of programs using it in that way. The artwork, music and storyline will be free to use, translate, re-arrange and distribute under a Creative Commons License.


How you can contribute


There are discussion forums on Sourceforge. Admittedly, there isn't too much to discuss yet.

What is done so far?

File downloads are here. The latest versions of the tdgl library and example games are on the git repository.

Documentation is on the wiki. It's not very comprehensive yet.

I've released a couple of MIDI tunes that I've been using for testing, and which might end up in the game if I'm not sick of them by then.

Skeled - 3D Model Editor

This was a sub-project I needed to get working before I could proceed with making the game itself. It's obsolete. Use Blender to make .obj files instead.

As at 30 Aug 2010
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